SG Technologies


SG Technologies manufactures soft magnetic components, permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies using a variety of magnetic materials. Due to the flexible nature of our process, magnetic materials can often be tuned to suit a customer’s specific requirements.

We process the following material groups:

Soft Magnetic Materials

Soft magnetic composite (SMC) – An insulated iron based material available in various grades. Can be used in a range of applications from fast solenoids through to high efficiency electric motors.

Silicon Iron – Often used in solenoids, SGT offers various grades of silicon iron and can often offer a commercial benefit to customers using expensive wrought material, or the MIM (metal injection moulding) process.

Chromium Iron – An excellent material for use in solenoid applications where corrosion resistance is critical. SGT can substitute for expensive solenoid quality stainless steels and give similar magnetic and mechanical component performance.

Phosphorus Iron – SGT can achieve 99% of theoretical density, giving an excellent alternative to machined components, with the advantage of an efficient net shape process.

Permanent Magnetic Materials

Bonded NdFeBA range of high density compression bonded NdFeb and injection moulded NdFeb materials are available and in high volume production at SGT

Sinterned AlnicoExcellent high temperature performance and durability makes Alnico the material of choice for many demanding sensor applications


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  • ford
  • bosch
  • schneider
  • vw
  • caterpillar
  • borgwarner
  • trw
  • delphi