Driving the future of magnetics

Complete Magnetic Solutions

SG Technologies (a Neo Magnequench company) is a unique business. A proven solutions provider, with Magnetics at the heart of everyday thinking.

We work with clients to develop the very best technical components and assemblies. We build bespoke production lines that turn innovative ideas into practical, high volume production.

Our products are used globally and operate in the most demanding environments and applications.

Your partner for engineered magnetics solutions

Advanced Production Technologies

We design and build bespoke production solutions.

Transport Electrification

Our products help power some of the worlds most technologically advanced electric motors

Be part of our future

What our customers say

"SG Technologies have been highly supportive, providing valuable technical input at the beginning of their design process. They have ensured performance manufacturing and cost implications are considered up-front."

What our employees say

“We have so many people from different backgrounds, but we still work as a team and understand each other.”

“No two days are the same, it’s a good challenge. There’s a lot of variety and so much to learn.”

“It’s a really welcoming place, really friendly. I’ve got plenty of friends through SGTec.”

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