Full density powder metallurgy

Our specialised net shape process achieves much higher density than conventional powder metallurgy.

In response to the needs of major automotive customers, SG Technologies has developed a range of materials that can be tailored to match the electromagnetic requirements of an application.

Our specialised process achieves unusually high density. The resultant components exhibit magnetic and mechanical properties that are equivalent or better when compared with parts produced with wrought material (turned parts) or MIM (Metal injection moulding).

In more recent years SG Technologies has been able to add ‘Cobalt Iron’ to its list of available materials. This means that our customers now have access to the ultimate magnetic material (in terms of saturation) without the price tag normally associated with machined Cobalt Iron parts.

Your partner for complete magnetics solutions

We can often replace expensive machined components without compromising performance.

More than 60 million vehicles in the world contain SG materials