SG Technologies

Soft Magnetic Composite

SG Technologies has been producing insulated iron components using *Somaloy since 1998. The powders are based on iron particles with an ultra-fine insulating layer. 

Over the last 16 years we have developed the tooling, lubrication and heat treatment expertise to mass-produce components with utmost reliability of physical, magnetic and electrical parameters.

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC)

Our SMC materials are designed to support the needs of customers’ devices in high speed solenoids and electric motor application.

Our production expertise means that we are comfortable with supplying a range of volumes, and we are currently in production with up to 30 million parts annually.

We have several classes of material in production, including:

  • Somaloy 500 - Finer grain with high insulation, suitable for fast acting solenoids.
  • Somaloy 130i - Finer grain with ultra high insulation, suitable for high efficiency electric motors.
  • Somaloy 700 3P - Larger grain with high insulation, for fast acting, high force application.
  • Somaloy 700 5P - Larger grain with ultra high insulation suitable for higher permeability, low loss applications.

Other grades of material are available and SGT has the ability to fine tune materials to match customer applications.

*Somaloy is a trademark of Hoganas AB


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Some of our customers

  • ford
  • bosch
  • schneider
  • vw
  • caterpillar
  • borgwarner
  • trw
  • delphi