SG Technologies

Chromium Iron

Soft magnetic, ferritic stainless steels are used in electro-mechanical applications where corrosion resistance is an important factor. 

SGT manufactures ultra high density sintered Chromium Iron components for demanding gasoline applications. Our ability to produce parts close to net shape minimises expensive material waste and often gives a commercial advantage. 

Tests have shown that the very pure nature of our material gives excellent corrosion resistance. This can enable Chromium levels to be reduced, while offering improved permeability and lower overall material cost. 

As with all of our soft magnetic materials, holes and features of varying sizes and complexity can often be accommodated with very little cost increase, as these are designed in to the press tooling that produces the initial "green" compact. 

We have the following classes of material in production:


Some of our customers

  • ford
  • bosch
  • schneider
  • vw
  • caterpillar
  • borgwarner
  • trw
  • delphi