About Us

SG Technologies (a division of Neo Magnequench) has been making magnetic components and assemblies for over 80 years.

We started as part of Murex in the 1940s (insert link to timeline) making AlNiCo permanent magnets using powder metallurgy. In these early days the applications were based around audio and communications equipment.

Over the decades we have evolved into a world leader in the development and production of technical magnetic parts and assemblies using our specialised materials and technologies.

We have evolved from manufacturing permanent magnets to highly technical and complex assemblies.
Today our production lines feature state of the art manufacturing technology and automation
Our products are using in the most demanding applications and environments, and are built to the highest possible specifications and quality standards.

We supply to some of the world’s leading brands in

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • multi-fuel and medium duty engines
  • hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • off highway
  • automotive systems
  • consumer electronics


Our goal at SG Technologies is to collectively lead and build a sustainable company that earns the respect and trust of our customers and employees in the long term.
We are passionate about working to the highest standards of environmental, social and governance. Our aim is the delivery excellence in everything we do.
We have an uncompromising commitment to fairness across all of our business, in the development of our people and in our interactions with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
We will never compromise on safety or security.
The future of our business depends on the continued delivery of successful solutions to our customers, and on their long-term trust and loyalty. We will always strive to exceed their expectations.

SGTec does not stop at creating comprehensive specific data for our magnetic materials. We work in development with all our customers to develop specific component level electromagnetic tests. The aim is to have mutually agreed magnetic DC/AC performance simulation at component level.

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We do not accept the conventional methodologies in production of magnetic components.
We continually push the boundaries with production techniques, automation and a wide range of processing technologies.