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Zero Defect Manufacturing

The SGT process is a specialised form of powder metallurgy that achieves ultra-high density. This means that finished components exhibit similar (in some cases better) mechanical and magnetic properties to those made from wrought materials or MIM.

Achieving zero defect manufacturing

Depending on the application, materials can be tailored to suit the exact performance requirements. Samples in the various grades can be easily and quickly machined from blanks of material, and provide a close representation of the performance one would see from a finished, tooled part.

Holes, flow grooves and other features can often be incorporated at very little cost during the pressing of the powder compact. Modern, high throughput secondary operations, including CNC machining, fine grinding and deburring are employed to achieve the demanding standards of today’s designs.

Specialised magnetic testing of components is an essential part of the process, and ensures batch to batch consistency of finished product. SGT performs this on an audit basis or 100%, depending on customer requirements.

Through innovative materials and specialised production methods, SGT gives clients a genuine opportunity to improve application performance while offering outstanding value, zero defect manufacturing quality and first class technical support at all stages of the product.


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